HTRI today announces an alliance with I2 Air Fluid Innovation, Inc. to commercialize a novel new approach for preventing and retarding bio-fouling in heat exchangers, heat pumps, and other heat transfer equipment. HTRI will act as the exclusive provider of the I2 technologies, products, and services in all industries including the oil and gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries.

“We’re proud to bring a new fouling remediation approach to market,” said Claudette D. Beyer, HTRI President & CEO. “Fouling is a long-recognized, universally perplexing problem in the processing industries. I2 technologies have the potential to provide significant increases to efficiency along with accompanying reduction in costs and equipment downtime.”

Michael Radicone, President of I2 Air Fluid Innovation, Inc. added, “This environmentally-friendly technology is a breakthrough allowing for the near elimination of bio-fouling microbial contaminants. By teaming with HTRI, we leverage a global presence and infrastructure, allowing their customers to gain access to the I2 technology more quickly. Additionally, HTRI can use their deep expertise to tailor the process to the specific needs of each installation.”

Commercial applications and studies conducted at various universities, as well as with the United States Navy, have demonstrated extremely positive results with significant decrease in the need for physical heat exchanger tear down. In addition to a significant reduction in bio-film deposits, the processes resulted in negligible added biocide levels in the treated water. HTRI will be conducting further research to help develop additional plant applications such as cooling towers and installation options.

I2 Air Fluid Innovation, Inc. is an eco-friendly company dedicated to finding applications and implementing antimicrobial control methods using proprietary infusion technologies. The company’s innovative approach has multiple applications including water treatment, chemical and petrochemical refining and production, and healthcare.



The I2 Air Fluid Innovation/ESTCP heat exchanger fouling study is published in the Navy's Currents magazine. Read the full article in the Winter 2015 issue of Currents magazine